Random Thoughts

  • Shut up Jalopnik, self driving cars would be awesome.  For one- no need for designated driver.  Go out, drink as much as you want, find your car, get in, press the go home button, wake up the next morning passed out in your car, in your own driveway, safe and sound.
  • I’ve been writing book reviews not so much because I want to share books with people (though I do) but because I am trying to keep track of how many I read.  I’m not on my super pace I was in high school (1-2 a week, so what, 70 or so a year) or when I was recovering from surgery (1 a day).  But I want a baseline.  My wife says I am addicted to reading.  I think I am.  At this point I have basically four addictions- words, coffee and I’ll leave the other two to your imagination.  I’ve made myself a promise that if I make it to 65 I am going to indulge all of them at a pace that will leave little or no time for anything else.  This is my dream.
  • So yeah, I have a few books to review but I am being lazy.  They are 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson, The Other Wind by Ursula K LeGuin and I think there was another that I can’t remember just now.  DAMN, this keeping track thing is not working.

Forgot one:

I was looking around for a live version of Elvis singing Faded Love.  Most people know the Patsy Cline version, but Elvis did a pretty rocking cover.  There’s a live version, however, where instead of singing this:

As I watch the mating of the doves

He sings

As I watch two dogs makin’ love

in his perfect, high-as-a-kite early 70’s Elvis voice.  But no luck.  You’ll have to take my word for it.




    1. Ouch, I’d never even heard of that so I looked it up. The King is one of my heroes, but his last years were pretty sad. I saw a Live in Vegas movie that was shot around 71 and he was still performing pretty well, but you could tell he was taking a LOT of drugs by then.

      1. In 1975, my parents took me to see Elvis in concert. It was my first concert. I was a little kid, but I remember that he looked terrible.

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