For San Diegans Seaworld, when people talk about it at all, is almost a punchline.  Almost.  It’s not Orange County, but it’s considered a bit lame.  Everyone knows the Zoo is the best.

Which is kind of a bummer, because Seaworld is actually pretty fun.  Grandma got us all passes last Christmas so we’ve been visiting every other week or so.  She got us the Silver passes, which means free parking.  We had passes a couple ago, back when they were offering a deal that if you bought a one day ticket it was good for the whole year.  They must have been really hard up for visitors.  But after buying them we went one time, realized parking cost ten dollars and were like, yup, let’s go back to the Zoo and free parking.

But now parking is free and so we’ve been attending the place.  Buying the occasional snacks and drinks and whatnot, making some money for whoever it is that runs the place now.

I know there are probably some thing to object to about Seaworld- keeping our dolphin cousins in small pens isn’t super cool.  I don’t have a response to that.  I just ignore that little voice in my head.

I have nothing profound to say about the place, but I do have a few observations:

  • We’ve been there at least 20 times and found a new aquarium that we’ve never been to this weekend.  I’m pretty sure we’re out of stuff to find, but that was a nice surprise.  They had a pretty cool variety of coral dwelling fish, my son was pretty excited.
  • Our end of the day ritual is always a ride on Shipwreck Rapids.  The ride itself gets you pretty wet, which is fine, I’m expecting that.  But just to add insult to injury, there’s a spot where people can shoot a water gun AT TOTAL STRANGERS riding down the rapids in those circular rafts.  What kind of an asshole do you have to be to think- yeah, I want to get total strangers soaking wet, that would be fun.   Of course if I knew the people on the rafts I’d be squirting them I was Jesse Ventura holding that huge gun in Predator.
  • Saturday was Say Yes Day.  A seldom observed impromptu holiday which means I agree to say yes to almost any request (where my usual answer is- no man, that’s too expensive).   What I learned- smoked turkey legs= not worth the $9.  Not because it wasn’t enough turkey, but because it was too much turkey.

All in all it was a good day.  And it reminds me- I need to take more pictures.  This blog would be greatly improved with photos.  I’m not much of a picture taker though, and when I finally did inherit my wife’s hand-me-down camera I promptly lost the battery charger so now it is a paperweight.


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