I don’t know if Versatility is the word, more like wrong about lots of different things

Thanks to Rick for the shout out here.  I’ve been reading Rick’s blog since around the time my blog buddy and I started this one.  I found him after doing a search for country music blogs.  He writes with really good insight on a lot of different subjects; in particular his musings on history and the American West are real favorites of mine.

Thanks Rick!

So there are some rules here- I have to display the award:


Name 15 blogs that I want to give this award to.  This is tough for me because I’ve only been on here about 10 months, so I’ve got a limited pool to draw from.  So we’ll see.  I may fail and get my award rescinded.

Jogging Dad – A definite must read for me.  It’s about running, but it’s also about something I can relate to, because I play music- balancing something we love to do with responsibilities like family and trying to hold onto it while we get older.

Ranchandsyrup – one of my Balloon Juice buddies and one of the only fellow bloggers I have met in real life.  If other bloggers are as cool as him we should all have more meet-ups.

Adventures of a One Punk Army – I like reading his show reviews, because sometimes I forget there are people who like the music but don’t play in bands.

Journey into Awesomea critical look at comics and culture.  I like critical thinking and I like comic books, though my knowledge of comic books is pretty narrow- if it’s not XMen, Doctor Strange, or the Avengers I’m probably lost.

Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations– more than anything else I just love looking at the book covers he assembles from classic science fiction.

Huh, well I came up very short.  Well I like these blogs and I recommend them.  Almost forgot- This Farmer’s Life– a blog by an Indiana farmer about his farming life.   I’ve always been interested in farming.

And I’m supposed to name 7 interesting things about me.  I suspect I will come up short here too.

1.  I have always wanted to be a farmer.  I have a rough plan to make this a reality.

2. I have been to more countries (15) than US States (11).  Though in my adult life I have been to more new states (3) than countries (2)

3.  I would have been to three new countries, but when I applied for a visa for my Korea trip I had to make a copy of my passport and I forgot it on the copy machine.  I went back to the place to ask for it but they said they never found it.  Which for Japan is VERY suspicious (I was living in Japan at the time).  Some human trafficker probably got a few years of use out of it before it expired.

4.  I prefer going to movies by myself because I usually forget the details of the movie soon after leaving the theater and find it awkward to pretend that I remember things that I really can’t.  I will only go see Transformers style movies with other people, because then I can just say “yeah that was AWESOME” and not reveal my memory problem.

5.  I started learning Japanese at age 22 and am more or less fluent.  I read at about 4th grade level though.  I write at about 1st grade level.

6.  I studied Latin in college but I can’t remember any of that to save my life.  My favorite poet was Ovid.  That much I remember.  The class was by a professor named William Fitzgerald who really brought the literature to life.  I always wondered if he was related to the great Robert Fitzgerald.

7.  I read the entire Harry Potter series in a week.  Wait, that’s not interesting, that’s just nerdy.  Whatever.

Oh well I give up.  Thanks again to Rick and check out the blogs I mentioned.  They’re good.



  1. That’s funny because I like going to movies by myself too. It started around 15 years ago when I went to see The Shining in a crappy old cinema by myself one late night. Scared the shit out of me but I loved it! Thanks for the mention – I’m truly honoured.

    1. I was sitting at a bar a few months ago and that came on on a little TV across the bar. I couldn’t even hear the sound, but just seeing the video brought back flashbacks. WOW was that movie scary. Just thinking about it gives me the chills

  2. Thanks for the link up and the compliments. I am a big fan of going to the movies alone. I especially like going at a time when hardly anyone will be there. It’s like having a private theater – kind of like Howard Hughes.

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