I’m a cliche I’m a cliche yama yama yama boring boredom

I meant to write on this earlier, but this article on Gawker gets at what irritates the crap out of me when it comes to pop music

All 226 Clichés Uttered by Katy Perry on Her New Album, Listed

Some of the cliches are debatable, but really, listen to Roar and every damn line sounds like something out of a self help book.  Someone needs to come up with a Katy Perry song generator.  It wouldn’t be hard.

This song is even worse, although I guess you could give the songwriter a pass since he’s not a native English speaker.

I don’t know actually.  ABBA wasn’t this cheesy.

Enough about that though.  This song is everywhere right now and I kind of think it’s OK, but I’m a little tired of hearing it.  The best part is the pre-chorus everybody’s like gold teeth Grey Goose trashing the hotel room etc.

I wonder if the poor girl hasn’t jinxed herself though.  She can never trash a hotel room without having everyone call her a hypocrite.  I know, first world problems right.

I remember a scene in 8 Mile where his white friend is trying to defend the Beastie Boys and his black friends are mocking  them.  Bunny Rabbit (or whatever Eminem was going by in that movie) gives a very meek defense of them.  Something along the lines of “they got a few good songs.”  That was always kind of a poignant scene to me.  Now we know that in his heart he likes them and wanted to admit it, but he couldn’t.  He’s older now and can admit that he does, in fact, love the Beasties.

I know I will get shit from people my age, but I like this song better than the Beastie themselves.  Nostalgia aside, I’m not that big of a fan.   This is why I have a blog- because I have opinions I am just barely smart enough to know will go over like lead balloons in everyday conversation, but I can’t keep them inside or I will go nuts.  Thanks for allowing me to share.


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