I took this picture by the dumpster

July 2013 to November 2013 497

My wife and I had a good laugh coming up with stories about how those roses got there.  She won the day with a scene of a man getting down on one knee and asking his girlfriend to marry him, only to be told no.  Then he ran to the dumpster to throw these away.  In my mind I see him in his fit of sadness trying to open them lid on the dumpster and throw the roses inside.  But in his anger, he times his movements incorrectly and the roses bounce sadly off the lid, and onto the ground.  He storms away, intensely angry that he couldn’t even get the small satisfaction of chucking the roses into the dumpster smoothly.  Of course, if it had been me I would have stomped on them.

I figured it was a woman who received them from some dude apologizing for doing something stupid.  Huh, that sounds like something I would do.  Oh well, we all have these times- grovelling because we fucked up, or moments of clumsy, impotent rage at the way things just don’t work out.  I was laughing, but kind of crying a bit on the inside when I saw these.



    1. the opening flashback- the flowers on the ground, the narrator explains how they got there. The final scene is the two main characters meeting by the dumpster to passionately embrace… hmm, maybe the final scene could be somewhere else

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