Things I love- Reading

(Continuing my series that I have decided to stick with til the end of the year)

My wife says I am addicted to letters.  I actually think I am.

I like to read.  I can read for hours on end.  I’m looking forward to retirement in 30 years so I can do nothing but read.  I know some people who have retired and complain about boredom.  As long as I have books I will never be bored.

You might notice a thread that runs through a lot of the things I love- they involve things that can be done at any age.  Because since I was a kid I imagined it would be cool to be old.  I hope I live to be old.  I have a lot of hobbies that will still be fun when I’m old.

A couple of weeks ago I was getting seriously anxious because I didn’t have any books that I was particularly enthusiastic about.  I’m working on a history of modern India, a very long book about where I grew up, a compendium of Doctor Strange comics, a couple other things as well.  I usually have a few books going at once.  But none of these are particularly fun reads, even the comic books.

I was getting antsy.  I was digging through my wife’s textbooks- she never gets rid of books, so there are piles of them all over our apartment.  Nothing looked that interesting.  Finally I opened my web browser and order a book-

Short Review:

The Square Circle Life, Death and Professional Wrestling by David Shoemaker AKA the Masked Man

David writes a column over at Grantland on pro-wrestling which is good, and before that he wrote a column called Dead Wrestler of the Week at Deadspin.  It was a great column.  And he had a lot of dead pro-wrestlers to choose from, because pro-wrestling is possibly the most dangerous sport you can do.  It’s a great book if you haven’t read his column.  If you have, not much of it is really new.

But this book arrived after I had already walked to the bookstore and bought a couple other books, which I subsequently read-

Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief by Lawrence Wright

I’d actually been waiting and hoping this would come out in paperback and it did so I snatched it up.  I was hoping for lurid tales and I was not let down.  I blasted through this book in a day and a half.  I couldn’t put it down.  If I am addicted to reading, this book was a really good high.

Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds

Science fiction.  I really liked this book until the end, which I won’t give away, but was terribly unsatisfying.  So unsatisfying that I’m hesitant to read anything else by this author.

I have one more book that I bought at the bookstore, so I’m going to start working on that.  My library card still sits in my wallet and I really should use it, especially since my city has arranged it so you can look books up online and then have them sent to your local branch for pickup.  I can’t afford to buy new books every week.  I might have to turn to a life of crime to support my reading habit.



  1. I tell you, if you’re that keen on reading, don’t get a Kindle. You end up spending a fortune because it’s so easy to download books and they seem so cheap … until you add up all the costs.

    1. I’ve actually thought about one of those but mostly ruled it out because of the issue of batteries- I’d lose my mind if I were in the middle of a book and it shut off. But I’d probably end up blowing tons of money on e-books too since they arrive instantly. At least now getting a new book requires a trip to the bookstore or waiting a few days for it to arrive by mail.

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