125FDF year in review

It’s been roughly a year since we started this blog.  Some stats:


166 comments (probably mostly mine)

70 followers  (most of them spam)

194 posts

My top post was

How to Make a Cactus Costume, with Tales of Drunkeness and Random Heroism

With 921 views.  Apparently people really want to make cactus costumes.  Who knew?

My family is moving to a new, smaller apartment soon, and I’m going through my old notebooks and sketchbooks, tearing out pages that are interesting and then chucking the rest.  You’d think I’d be bummed to do this, but I’m actually fine with it because during that time period I was producing a zine.  Oh yes, it was the 90’s.

So going through my stuff I didn’t have to worry about having nothing left from that time because I’d already archived my best work in the form of 14 or so issues of my zine.  If I ever want to take a trip down memory lane, I can just look at those.

I also do the same for my old song notebooks- the best stuff makes it on to the CDs I’ve been a part of recording every other year or so, so I don’t worry about the songs that aren’t that good.  Maybe I should try to remember those, but I don’t.

But then what will the year that I put into writing this look like in 10 years?  It seems silly to just randomly look through old blogposts.  I should maybe compile them into something.  In fact, we talked about doing just that when this blog started, but that may be a little too much work for me to handle right now.  Maybe I can get around to that.



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