Camping, New Years Resolutions, Predictions

I have had several posts I wanted to put up, most importantly our trip to the desert for New Year’s, but first the computer refused to acknowledge the SD card that I put into the SD card slot so I couldn’t upload the photos.  Hours later, after having mentioned this to my wife, she says “Oh, I’ll put them on my computer.”  Which has no SD card slot.  Huh.  Turns out she has a card reader that plugs into a USB port.

“Hey, maybe I could use that on the desktop…”

“Oh yeah, that would work.”

Sadly at this point there were a few SD cards floating around, because she had one for her camera but she had allowed our friend to borrow it to take some photos and emailing them would be too much trouble so I had to physically walk over to his apartment to upload them there.  Plus my son has a GoPro (yup, grandpa spoils him) and wanted to record some stuff, so he needed an SD card.

All I wanted was the 10 or so lousy photos I took with the crappy camera on our trip to be uploaded to this site.  I have no idea which card they’re on or where that card is.  Oh well, they weren’t that great.

I had a good trip though I was recovering from a cold.  We went to Anza Borrego, the largest California state park, located in the Colorado desert about 30 minutes west of the Salton Sea.  It’s a nice park, I recommend it to anyone visiting California in the dead of winter.  The weather- high 70’s during the day, mid 40s at night, not a cloud in the sky.  About as perfect a day as one could expect on January 1st in the Northern Hemisphere.

Pretty much every year I have the same resolution- lose all the weight I gained over Christmas.  And every year I mostly achieve it.  But I’m throwing out a couple different ones this year.

1.  See a dentist.  I know this is like a “huh?” resolution for most humans, but I really don’t like going to the dentist.  It’s been YEARS.  More than I’m even willing to type.  My teeth never hurt and they don’t look that bad so I don’t go.  Plus I hate dentists.  OK, hate is a strong word.  I consider them mechanics of the teeth and I resent the way they talk to me.  I’m an educated man, I don’t need to be treated like a dummy by a dentist.  Or even worse, by their assistant.  Sorry, I’m just not that impressed by people with DDS after their name.  I really hope none of you reading are dentists or related to one.

2.  Lose the weight.  Oh yeah, I covered this.

3.  Be in shape to go on a backpack trip.  I chickened out last year and that was frankly pathetic.  The man asking me to go was my Dad.   The man is retiring this year.  He is not young.  But he is in better shape then me.  At least for now, because I plan to be ready this year.  My recent cold has kept me from the gym, but I’ve been going.  I will ascend whatever trail he throws my way, and not pause for breaks, EVER.

In 2014:

A famous pop star will release a porn video and call it a music video.  It won’t be a “home video” that “leaked”- Farrah Abraham* already tried that.  It will just be straight up porn.

Kanye West will release another album that is both mind-blowingly awesome and incredibly off-putting but no one will notice because he will say something awkward at exactly the wrong time.

Walking Dead will still drive me nuts and I will still end up watching it.

Uh, that’s it for now.  Kind of weak predictions actually.


*not someone who could rightly be called a pop star or even a star, but I read that she put out an album so maybe this was part of that plan.  I don’t know and I’m not that curious.



  1. That’s funny. I have 6 relatives on my wife’s side who are all dentists, and they’re all pretty cool people. Perhaps condescending dentists congregate in the Northern Hemisphere. 🙂

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