Random Thoughts

I didn’t watch the Grammy’s.  I don’t really care.  I had my own thoughts on what music was good last year, but I’m pretty sure I covered them all here.  Far more important to me is San Diego City Beat‘s annual Demo Review issue.  The last time we were included Myspace was still a thing.  Not because it’s hard to be included, we just haven’t recorded anything since 2009 or so.  Back then the reviews were famously harsh and for the week afterwards people were on Myspace high-fiving each other or, sadly, consoling each other over their reviews.  Our review wasn’t glowing, but it was positive, so we felt pretty good.  Hopefully we do well this year.  It’s not going to make a career for any of us, but it might help us get some better gigs.

Speaking of gigs we’ve been quiet since we kicked out our keyboard player in October.  Even though hardly anyone who might read this knows me personally I’d rather not go into why, unless you want to buy me a beer or two, in which case I will blab.  It wasn’t a fun thing to do, but it had to be done.  We’ve got a couple shows coming up in February so we’ll be back on track.


We have spent the last week or so moving to a new apartment.  It’s only a few blocks from our old place, which means rather than getting it done in one day, we’ve pretty much dragged it out because there’s no rush.  It’s going to be a slightly longer walk to work though.

I like walking to work, sort of.  While I love Southern California, I have some complaints about it.  At the top of my list is how hard they make it for people to walk anywhere.  And it’s not just the distance.  I have to walk along a six lane street to get to work.  SIX!  In the rest of the world that’s a freeway.  It’s got sidewalks, but that’s not enough.  It’s also got huge edges that have limited parking, and it meanders along instead of being on right angles, which means people drive FAST.

Despite the fact that it’s very unlikely that a car will come off the street and hit me, there’s just something deep in my lizard brain that does not like seeing a car headed straight for me at 55 miles per hour.  I know they’re turning.  But I can’t relax.  It’s not a fun stroll.  And every now and then, like this morning, someone on a bike will yell from behind “BIKE, BEHIND YOU!”  I understand the cyclists- if I were them I wouldn’t go onto that death road either*.  But I’m walking along with my nerves wracked, the road is too loud to listen to soothing music and now some dude behind me is yelling and might run me over.  It’s just too much.  Stresses me out.

*Not on the road I walk on, but on a similar road a few blocks away, I kid you not, I saw a man riding a bike, no helmet, no hands, texting on a fucking IPhone, cars whizzing past.  You only get one life people!


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