Random Thoughts

*You know what I can’t remember seeing?  A woman riding a motorcycle with a man riding behind her.  I’ve seen it in the movies, usually when they want to establish how tough/dangerous a woman is, like in The Ninth Gate.  Motorcycles may be the most gendered motor vehicle.

*The Ninth Gate is a terrible movie but for whatever reason it’s one of my favorites.  I re-watched it a couple weeks ago.  I realize as I get older I don’t really feel like investing the time in watching new movies (cause what if they suck?) so I watch movies I know I like.  Unless there are giant robots or spaceships- then I will gamble with my time.  As a result, I have seen few new movies since around 1999 and even fewer since 2010.

*I’m not watching the Olympics.  I’m not a big sports fan and snow sports are especially foreign to me.  I tried snowboarding a few times but I couldn’t handle the cold.  I skied a few times too.  I’ve never ice skated, rode a bobsled or curled.  I’m from a desert where it snowed once in the last century.  I might watch the summer Olympics.

*I might even be in Japan when the Tokyo Olympics are happening, but frankly I am surprised they were given the nod because Japan has no money and likely will feel compelled to blow a bunch of money on new stadia.  Or maybe they can use the same ones as last time, if that’s not considered lame.  One thing good I can say about Los Angeles is that they managed to put on maybe the only Olympic Games that actually turned a profit by using facilities they already had.  Say what you like about LA- they know how to make $$$.

*Wordpress thinks stadia is a misspelling.  This latin major disagrees.  I knew that degree was good for something- it just gave me a cheap sense of accomplishment.

*My band has a show saturday night.  My son and I were driving in the car listening to the radio when an ad came on- COMING SATURDAY FEBRUARY 15th to ____ (can’t remember) ARENA… WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT FEATURING…”  We were both going “YES!  PRO-WRESTLING OHHHHHH!”  Then I remembered I have a show.  Damn, WWE is in town and I am going to miss it.



  1. I have seen The Ninth Gate numerous times. There’s something fascinating about it. You should read the book it is based on – The Club Dumas.

    1. Maybe because it’s about books and travel to interesting places? It’s kind of paced like an old movie, which made it different from other movies coming out around that time. It’s not very well put together and the ending is kind of a letdown, but I still love watching it. I’ll have to track down the book

  2. Garry and I were just having this same conversation. We’ve found a few new movies lately on Amazon Prime. “Stand Up Guys,” “Last Stand” and even (yes, it’s stupid but fun stupid) “Expendables 2” — probably because they guys in all these movies are our peers and we LIKE them. We — and they — aren’t young, but we are all not quite dead yet.

    IF a lot of the movies we like are supposed to be crap, either we LIKE crap and so do you … Or maybe it ISN’T crap?

    1. I like lots of things that aren’t considered good and I’ve made my peace with the fact that I have bad taste, but it doesn’t stop me. I LOVED Expendables I and II. I don’t even really like action movies, but how can you not love those movies? I have to admit I’ve always thought Sly Stallone was a really good actor. Got great screen presence. He’s got all his buddies with him and it looks like they’re having fun. That’s what I like best about those- a bunch of old guys, having one last good run. Like the Wild Bunch but without the bummer ending. I was going to watch Last Stand the other day but I was too sleepy, I’ll check that one out next.

      1. We will have to have a conversation some time about what IS a ‘good’ movie. Because I think movies that entertain us ARE good. By definition and by having fulfilled their mission, i.e., to entertain us!

  3. A country doesn’t need to have money to host the Olympics. It just needs enough the grease the wheels at that fine establishment called the IOC. In any case, Japan can always just print more money to build whatever stadia it needs. It’s not as if it’s got an inflation problem!

    1. That’s true- Japan probably doesn’t need a strong currency either. I just read an article the other day – “Wages Rising Everywhere in Asia, Except Japan”. That’s not really what I was hoping to hear about a country I plan on moving to someday. I’m not a huge fan of Abe but I’m hoping his plan works.

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