And now, a random story about Bing Crosby

I was reading Bing Crosby’s page on a wikipedia today.  Why?  Because that’s how wikipedia works- you start out with something you want to read and end up somewhere totally random.  I don’t know anything about Bing Crosby.  Did he sing White Christmas?  If that’s correct then that’s the only Jeopardy question I could answer in the Bing Crosby column.

One of the last time I remember my grandmother being lucid was Thanksgiving five or six years ago.  She was telling us about how during WWII she was pen-pals with several soldiers.  She was a teenager at the time and that was something people did, apparently to help the war effort if they were too young to work or join the armed forces.  There was one young man in particular that she really liked writing to and he, like my grandmother, was from Los Angeles.

He was sent somewhere in the Pacific and managed to survive the war.  He came back to Los Angeles and my grandmother got to meet him.  A few months later he was hit by a car.


He died.  Bing was, allegedly, drunk driving and his studio covered it up.

So I was looking for that on his wikipedia page and no luck.  I suppose there’s no way to verify that story since everyone involved (even my grandma) is gone from this earth.



    1. Aw I’m sorry to hear that. My grandma died a month ago, but it had been a long time since she was really all there. My grandpa (they divorced decades ago) is still doing well at 92. I’m going to visit him next month.

      1. Grandma Kraus was still lucid, but completely deaf so it has been years since we had a conversation. But we talked a lot when she — and I — were younger. I loved the stories. Now, we are the ones with the stories to tell. Isn’t that strange. Sorry about your grandmother. Garry’s mom was also long time gone by the time she passed. That’s rough.

      2. It’s almost a relief when people are in pain and/or not with it. One thing my wife did a few years ago was ask her grandfather to tell some of his stories and she recorded them. No one had thought to do that and it was pretty touching. He’s gone now too.

  1. There is no telling what activities have gotten covered up through the years. I have always heard that Bing was rough on his children.

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