Random Thoughts

I should start taking pictures of things.  This blog needs more visuals.

I didn’t watch the Oscars.  I don’t watch that many movies.  In fact, I don’t think I saw any of the movies that were nominated.  Unless The Avengers was nominated.  No?  I didn’t think so.

I made an executive decision to change the skin.  I don’t know, it’s a bit intense.

We played a show Saturday night.  It was a good show, though turnout was probably a little hampered by rain.  There was a solid four days of rain here in southern California and that’s actually enough to cause a good deal of the city to shut down.  San Diegans freely admit to being scared of driving in the rain.  In my case it’s not because I’m afraid of the rain, it’s that I’m afraid of the other drivers.  It’ll be pouring rain, everyone is driving 55 and some ass in a BMW will blow past at 85.  I like to joke that those people are just freaking out and trying to get out of the rain as fast as possible.

That being said, everyone is mostly glad for the rain because California has been dry as heck for months.  San Diego is mostly free of natural disasters- even earthquakes, California’s signature natural disaster, don’t really occur here.  The only thing we have to fear is wildfires, and those are no fucking fun.

I missed the great Cedar Fire of 2003 (isn’t it ironic, dontcha think?).  I was here for the Witch Creek fire of 2008.  That was miserable.   The morning after it started I got up, drove to work and there was NO ONE on the road.  I don’t have a TV and apparently the mayor told everyone to stay home.  The sky was yellow.  It was horrible.  I got in to the office and there were probably twenty people out of two hundred who decided to arrive.  Everyone was coughing because the air filters couldn’t keep the smoke out.  After an hour or so managers came around and said “if you have a reason to leave please do so.”  I thought- I’ll think of a reason on the drive home.

The office was shut for the rest of the week and every day I was listening to the news via the internet to see whether or city was going to burn down.  They were taking food and household item donations at Qualcomm Stadium, so we made a couple trips there dropping off toilet paper and canned goods for the people who had to go camp there.  But even at home, living uptown which usually doesn’t collect dirty air like other parts of the city, it was smoky inside our apartment, smoky outside, there was no escaping it.  It was a tense, unpleasant time.

So rain is good.  Hopefully we won’t end up with dried out forests in the mountains nearby here.  Not only because breathing smoke for a week is no fun, but because I enjoy visiting those forests and a good chunk of the one I like was damaged by the Cedar Fire.

So we played a show and it went well, small crowd notwithstanding.  Two or three people mentioned our review, but said at least we were compared to good bands and that other groups were more brutally reviewed than us.  I played a little harder that night.



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