Like I’ve said before, I don’t usually say I’m a fan of famous pop singers.  Obviously, since their music isn’t really made for me.  I can appreciate it, but I doubt I’d even go to their concert if someone gave me tickets.  When a radio announcer says “we have a new song by…” my ears don’t perk up.   I don’t even think it’s cause I’m too old, although that could be a part of it.

But I like Kesha and I like Dev.

Dev first came to my attention in the most played song of 2010:

The hook from that song actually came from an earlier song she put out:

I don’t know if I could put a finger on exactly what I like about her.  I know she gets compared to Kesha (and apparently doesn’t agree with this), but I’d say they’re only similar in the sense that the Sex Pistols and The Damned are similar.  Yeah, the two women are kind of working the same genre- trashy white* rapper/singer, but they don’t sound alike and they’re from different backgrounds- Kesha the daughter of a Nashville songwriter, Dev from central California.  Manteca, wherever that is.

Maybe that’s what I like about her- she reminds me of someone I might have gone to high school with.

I also like that she doesn’t oversing.  Pop Music is (sort of) part of what I consider The People’s Music.  It’s made for everyone to enjoy and everyone should be able to sing along.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the occasional Mariah Carey, but no one should try to sing along to that.

For a while Dev was being ill-served by whoever was making her videos.  I like this song, but the video was derivative.  Who does this remind you of?

So I really liked her latest:

It’s not a great song.  It’s basically a one-hook song, with the hook borrowed from a children’s lullabye.  But it’s fun and the video is trashy (have I mentioned I like trashy stuff?  I do).

Maybe I prefer things that are low-key like this.  It’s just a fun song that pretty much anyone could have sang.  It’s not profound, not particularly shocking.  That’s how I like my pop music.

*Dev is arguably a Latina.  I don’t know how she identifies.


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