Hip-Hop vs Punk Rock

Last night was round two of  Hip-Hop vs Punk Rock for us- Hip-Hop vs Punk Rock being a monthly show a friend of mine puts on at the Tower Bar.

It was a great show.  Everyone that played was really good- MC’s Kaus and Scatterbrain and band International Idiot.  Kaus in particular had some incredible rhymes- he stepped up first, which was a tough spot since the place wasn’t too full yet.  He was really in control and did a great job.   We went last and we were on fire.  Like how Keith Richards talks about feeling like he’s flying when the band is on.  I was flying.

Generik was there- he played with us last year at our first appearance at Hip-Hop vs Punk Rock.  We had a good discussion about Hip-Hop in San Diego- he brought up something I hadn’t really thought of before.

Hip-hop doesn’t really have a dedicated bar in San Diego, at least none that I know of.  There are several spots that host hip-hop nights, and there’s hip-hop dance studios, as well as clubs that play hip-hop (obviously), but for homegrown rappers, there’s really not one place for the scene to coalesce around.

Having a place to meet up actually is pretty important.  San Diego has The Tower Bar, the most punk of punk-rock bars, but it’s also got the Shakedown Bar, The Ken Club, Livewire (which doesn’t host shows) and at least two or three other places claiming to be San Diego’s Rock and Roll Bar.

It gives people a great chance to be able to just step into somewhere and hear some live music without having to give it much thought.  I know pretty well that if I head to the Tower on a Saturday Night I’ll be able to hear a band I like and probably run into people I know.

So I run into someone I know, say “hey, we haven’t played together in a while, let’s set something up” – lots of things get done that way.  I had a similar situation in Japan with my friend’s club.

I wonder how much of this is just because of the fact that club owners are older and having grown up with rock and roll prefer to open that kind of bar.  Maybe in 20 years hip-hop bars will be everywhere.  Or maybe someone will loan me the money to open one.


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