The Julie Ruin

I don’t want to keep talking about Kathleen Hanna, but I can’t stop listening to this song:

It’s just such a raw and beautiful song about dealing with pain and conquering parts of it.  It’s got a good fuck you to the people back in the 90s who gave her and her band a hard time.

It really takes me back to high school and being a misfit, but more important than that, it makes me think of the people I knew back then.  I wonder if they were feeling like this.  I wonder what kind of rough times they were going through.  I really wasn’t going through rough times at all in high school, so maybe I didn’t notice.  I hope no one I knew was feeling this way, but I think about it and I know at least a few people were.  Probably girls mostly, but I know a few guys too.  Just got me thinking about that.  I hope they all came out OK.

Update- though really, what’s wrong with talking about Kathleen Hanna?  She’s one of my heroes, and I’m glad she’s kind of back in public again.




  1. I think the angst level in any high school or middle school in the US has enough raw power to get a ship to the moon and back. We were all so full of hormones and craziness, miserable and insecure and confused. It’s a mistake putting so many young loonies in one building then locking them up for whole days at a time.

    We need to spread them out. Too much craziness for one place!

    1. I heard an interview a while back by an educational researcher who was pointing out of with the absence of adult supervision or any sort of moral structure kids really do the worst to each other. Being mean to other people is social capital in their world, which is pretty scary.

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