I can see smoke from the fires from my apartment

Which is not to say they’re nearby- lucky for us there is a lot of inflammable stuff between us and the fires.  If I had a camera I’d take some pictures.

At any rate, it’s time for fires again.  We’ve had a very dry year here in California and the temperatures have been in the 90s this week.   There are several fires burning around the county right now, thankfully they’re small, but last I heard 30 or so people have lost their homes.

I have heard numerous people accuse environmentalists of not allowing fires to burn.  That may have been true in the past but I highly doubt that’s true today.  Most environmentalists have come around to the idea that it’s a natural part of the ecosystem.  Really, the people who are most unhappy about fires burning are those people who belong to the most powerful constituency in the State of California- Homeowners.  The governor who says “sorry, we’re out of money to fight fires, looks like your house is gonna burn” will be out on his ass in days.

So I’m hoping that some small fires won’t hurt too many people or their homes and result in a nice barrier for all the fires that are going to burn later this year.  But we’ll see.  I hope it’s not too bad.

And in the time I paused to go pick up my son from school it appears that two new ones have broken out.  Man, this is gonna be a rough year.



  1. Good that there are still a lot of people who don’t think we are undergoing a climate change. It’s been a terrible winter and it’s shaping up that it might also be a bad summer.

    1. It’s frustrating that people don’t get it. This summer is going to be rough- it’s already in the high 80s and I’m around a mile from the ocean. It’s already around 100 degrees a few miles inland. And we got very little snow this year, so the mountains aren’t going to be providing a ton of water. Just all around bad.

    1. Natural fire season is usually in the fall when the Santa Ana winds happen (winds coming down the mountains towards the ocean- most of the time the wind is coming off the ocean). Santa Anas can happen anytime, but usually fall or late summer, which is also when things are hottest and driest. But we’ve had a very hot and dry year already. The other thing, obviously, is that humans can start fires whenever. The last really big fire in 2007 was started when a hiker got lost and started a signal fire (nice work dude!). One here yesterday started in a construction site. There were something like 6 going this afternoon, none of them were started by lightening so some people are either careless or want stuff to burn. On the bright side, my dad pointed out that less rain= less ground cover, so less stuff to burn.

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