Random Thoughts

Saw the new XMen movie.  It’s the first one of that series that I’d give an unqualified recommendation for.  The older ones could have suffered from my own familiarity with the subject matter- I grew up reading the comics, so when they were brought to life on screen they weren’t exactly the way I imagined they would be.  But this one was really good.  I don’t really like doing movie reviews, but there were a couple of things that stood out for me:

*There’s no pure bad guy in the movie.  This was almost always true of the comic books, but it was especially true of the movie.  Every character has complicated motivations.  That’s nice to see in comic book movie

*Peter Dinklage plays one of the bad guys, but his dwarfism plays no part in the movie.  In fact, his character in the comic books is a man of average height.  I know Dinklage is already famous for being Game of Thrones, but in that show his character is defined by his being a dwarf.  In this movie it’s not even remarked on.  That’s the first time I can ever remember seeing that in a major film.

At any rate, it was good.  I don’t want to spoil it, but the story Days of Future Past was probably the second best-known storyline in the comics, after the Dark Phoenix Sage (which was the source for XMen 3).  If you happen to have read the comics and are expecting it to be exactly like that, it’s not.  Not going to elaborate, just saying.

Which is cool.  I have to admit I can sometimes feel cheated if I go in to see a movie that sticks too closely to the source material.  Like, I read the book, I’ve already seen this in my head, show me something new.  I know this isn’t always a popular opinion, but I feel like if I’ve already imagined it in my head that’s probably better than whatever they’re going to put on the screen.

Expendables 3 is coming out.  I was kind of with early reviewers of Expendables 2 who were saying- “we liked Expendables better when it was a swan song for these guys, but now it’s just silly they’re trying to keep this going.  These guys are too old for this to be believable”.  I was agreeing with that.  Then I saw Expendables 2 and I I like, who cares!  make more of these!  Those 80s action films (like most action films) weren’t that  believable in the first place, so I just have to suspend my disbelief a little more.

Also, I noticed that Sly Stallone wrote the movie.  I know it won’t be considered a classic film or anything, but I’ve always kind of thought that guy doesn’t get enough credit for being a multi-talented dude.



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