Things that suck about being in a band: I wanna see your band

A couple of weeks ago I was back where I grew up for the first time in two or three years doing a show.  I set it up specifically so I could hang with friends and show my band where I’m from.  It was at Strangers in El Centro.  I know the guy who runs it from a while back and he made things real nice for us.  The show was a lot of fun.

But none of my old friends showed up.  They knew I was playing, said they were going to go and then flaked.  Every last one of them.  I was bummed.

If you’re still in a band in your mid (err… late?) thirties, people are going to have mixed responses to it.  Some people think it’s great, others think it’s weird, or a little bit lame.  It’s a little awkward to bring it up actually, and unless it’s someone I know will be receptive, I usually don’t.  But it’s one of those things that gets out, and by the way I dress I kind of expect it.

A lot of times people say “I want to go see your band.”  And they don’t.  I know not to expect it anymore.  Shit, I barely got my parents come to see me play only a few months ago.

I shouldn’t say that, sometimes they do.  And it’s actually pretty satisfying because I think people expect me to be more of an amateur weekend warrior type of guy, but I put on a pretty good show.



    1. That’s encouraging! I think it does take some time and experience to develop a good sound, and a good show. What I can’t do physically, i.e. jumping around, I try to make up for in better songs

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