What is Kanye West trying to say? George Bush doesn’t care about black people

Sometimes the universe is perfect.  It does exactly what we think it will.  As possibly the two of this century’s most struggled to be understood public figures, George W Bush and Kanye West had to come into conflict with each other.  It just had to happen.

The definitive take on the whole issue, for me, was Amanda Marcotte‘s:

His accusation was that Bush’s animus wasn’t active, but passive. He “doesn’t care”. West wasn’t suggesting that Bush pushed the levies down or anything. And not caring about black people, I will restate, doesn’t preclude not caring about others. There’s a lot of not caring in Bush. Singling out black people was perhaps a little off the mark, since Bush does care about a handful of black people. But he was wound up. I’m not going to stomp him on a technicality.

I mean, was it really such a bad thing to say?  Do we really believe that Bush cared a lot about people?  That was part of his charm!  His not-caringness!

It’s pretty obvious from the video that Kanye was really upset and it just kind of came out, but again, oh well.

Bush apparently called the statement the worse thing about his presidency.  Err, OK.

But enough about Bush and Kanye.  I want to close out this defense of Kanye West with some parting thoughts:

Kanye West has written a ton of great tunes, and I don’t get why people expect him to be humble about that.  I know we like our stars that way, but I don’t get why.  It’s stupid.  Hugely talented musicians are not normal people.

He’s also a cautionary tale about why fame is probably a curse.  It seems like at this point, very people even have a concrete reason for disliking Kanye- they just remember they’re not supposed to like him.  And then it becomes a big deal that he’s rude to Jimmy Kimmel or something.

When did people start caring about talk show hosts?  Those people are media.  Media people are lame.

This song is awesome

As is this one

And I have nothing more I want to say on the subject.



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