Random Thoughts

This is almost post # 250.  250!  I can’t believe I made it past #10.  That being said, I have dropped off a bit.  Things are different- I’ve got more to do these days.  Plus I’m trying to go to the gym. In fact I would be there, but I was like- I practiced last night and I’ve got a show tomorrow night, I should just relax my legs.

So I’m relaxing, trying to get a few songs done.  The band has been busy lately, which is good because we’re trying to save up for some recording, but not so good because we’re not making a ton of money.

Song I like:

They just announced a west coast tour, hope they make it back to San Diego.

These guys are local and they’re great

They do something I think is interesting, but bands should be careful with- little breakdowns in the middle of songs.  I was just reminded of this because I recently saw a band that was trying to do this a lot and it really wasn’t working.  I’ve come to the following conclusions on abruptly throwing in wildly divergent parts in the middle of songs

  1. Audience can’t expect them.  Unless they’ve already heard the song, in which case it can’t be helped.  This means not doing the same one multiple times in a song
  2. They should be fairly short.
  3. Wildly different guitar sounds are something to be careful with.

At least that’s my take.  I’ll have to try something like this to see if it works.



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