Camping smart phones, photos, some other thoughts

Went camping with my dad and my son this weekend.  I hadn’t been camping since New Year’s, which seems like a while to me.  We’ve really dropped off on the camping trips.  For the last couple years we were living in a really park-like apartment complex and just didn’t feel the need to go.  We’ve moved back to a more city-style place, but for whatever reason we haven’t had the time.  Less people to go with and less time are probably the main reasons.

But it was nice- perfect weather, not too hot and not too cold and I got to spend some time with my dad.

I didn’t however, take any photos.  Why?  I’ve never been a good photographer, and mostly leave it to my wife.  My professional photographer friend says “everyone thinks they can take good photos.”  I disagree.  I take crappy photos.  But I usually do take them.

Recently though, I got a smartphone.  Yes, I finally ditched the flippy phone.  But it was almost the cheapest phone I could buy and the camera sucks.  But I can’t bring a camera because I have a phone camera and that would mean carrying two of the same thing.  I know, it’s stupid, I can’t help it.

Random song:

Wizzard See My Baby Jive

I can’t decide whether I think this song is mad genius or if it’s a high-concept failure.  It’s got great hooks all over the place, and some cool instrumentation, but I’m kind of skeptical about the arrangement, which seems to be everyone play everything at once.  I don’t know.  Definitely some good 70s weirdness.



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