What’s on Pop Radio right now?

This song is kind of nuts.

I’m not sure I like it so much- the hook isn’t exactly a real good one to sing along, probably because it’s too hard.  But wow.  It’s amazing that it works, because these kind of group songs usually end up tragically unbalanced.

I heard about Bang Bang and when I heard who was singing the song, but before I heard the song itself, this song came to mind-

This Lady Marmalade remake doesn’t even approach balance, and it’s a shame because Lil Kim’s verse is solid, and Pink is pretty good as well.  But if I had to break down the impact each singer has by percentage I would say it’s something like:

Mya- 2%

Pink 10%

Lil Kim 20%

Christina Aguilera- 1000%

I get it that everyone’s supposed to get a part, but even before it’s Christina’s turn she’s in the video lurking there in the back, just waiting to jump out and stomp on the rest of the group.  And when it gets to her part it’s like the volume jumps up several notches.  It must have been in her contract that all the levels would be set before anyone recorded, and she just went in and sang like three times louder than everyone else.  I’m not mocking her performance on the song, but if I were any of the other three, I’d be considering requesting that my tracks be deleted before the song was released.

But anyway, Bang Bang actually works- maybe the producer told everyone to go into the recording studio and hold nothing back.  Because the producer doesn’t hold anything back either- the arrangement is over the top too.

I’ve been following Jessie J’s career since she came out with Price Tag.  I knew she could sing, but she takes it to another level on this song.  She’s got some crazy charisma too- B.o.B. called her “colorful”- she’s someone who’s not afraid to look a little bit silly.  I’m looking forward to see what she does next.  Maybe she’ll be my new Kesha (hehe remember what I said in my last post about entertainers not being able to relax, because someone else will come along and take their place?)

I admit it, this song is kind of cute

Boy are some people upset with this song

Probably the usual gang of internet dummies, but people are getting way too uptight about this one.  Yeah, it’s not a great work of art, but it’s funny and kind of catchy.  But I tend to like most things Nicki does- the way she jumps back and forth between a brainless pop voice and her rapid-fire rap delivery on this song is particularly awesome.    I thought Noah Berlatsky had a good take on it- maybe the video isn’t made for men, it’s directed at women who like big butts.  I don’t know if that’s true, but Nicki is definitely trolling men with this.  The kitchen scene with the banana that she tosses aside and then the lap dance with Drake being left bummed out both point to the idea that she’s toying with mens’ expectations.


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