I hate Walking Dead but I can’t not watch it

Sometimes I wonder what addicts feel like.  I realized the other day that it must be something like this.

It’s that time of year again.  Netflix has added last season’s Walking Dead.  I don’t have cable, so I have to wait a full year to watch the show, which is fine.  BECAUSE I HATE IT.

I shouldn’t say that.  Some parts of it I like.  I like Glenn and Maggie, and her sister and her dad are OK.  I like Darryl.  Bob and Michonne are pretty cool.  I liked Andrea but she’s dead.  Merle was also awesome, and sort of redeemed himself at the end, but he too, is dead.

I kind of like the suspense at times, even though I get all wound up and can’t sleep.  But that’s really about it.  The rest of the show I kind of hate.

So why keep watching?  Because the show is full of annoying people, and I’m waiting for them to get eaten.  The show’s actually been fairly good about obliging my desire to see annoying people become zombie food.  The most annoying people on the show in order of annoyingness and their current status:

Lori Grimes- Died in childbirth

The Governor- still alive

Shane Walsh- got bitten, became a zombie, shot by Carl Grimes

Dale Horvath- got bitten, shot by Darryl before he could turn

Carol Peletier- still alive

Rick Grimes- still alive

Randall- killed by Shane

Two random dummies that have, against all odds, survived to be found by Rick and Carol locked in the bathroom of a house- one gets eaten, the other disappears

I only just added Carol to the show this week after she did something really stupid and got banished from the group.  Before that I liked her- she had really grown a lot.  But that’s part of the problem with the show.  Anyone who ends up in a leadership role starts behaving like an ass.  The Governor is a bloodthirsty sociopath, but he keeps his zombiefied daughter chained up in a closet because he loves her?  Yeah, right.  Rick is a thinly veiled advertisement for autocracy, until those times when he inexplicably decides that he just can’t do it anymore.   Bullying everyone into following his bad advice is just too much of a burden.

So I’m watching just in the hopes that the three on the list come to a bad end.  Does that sound like a healthy reason to watch a TV show?  It’s not, I know.  But every night I put my son to bed and watch a few more.

Update- YAY The Governor is dead!  Boo, Herschel died too



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