Random Thoughts

I finished Walking Dead Season 4 so I can go back to a normal life.  I have to wait until my son goes to be to watch it, and the show makes it hard for me to sleep so last week I was a wreck.  Totally sleep deprived.  Glad that’s over!

That being said, Season 4 was much better than 2 + 3 and I found myself not hating it.  Most of the more annoying characters are dead now, so there’s that.  The plot of the show still often rests on the characters making bad decisions, but that’s one of the only ways that zombie themed things move forward, so I’m able to accept some degree of that.

I am still working on my reevaluating Green Day project.  Last week I listened to Kerplunk.

It’s pretty good.  Much better than the previous one, but still not really something that I’m all that into.  On the plus side, the guitars are much more Sex Pistols-y and there are much fewer solos.  On the down side, it’s still about pining after girls.  I’m too old to even think about pining after girls.  Other than that I don’t have too much to say about that one.  The country song they do is just corny.  I don’t know why we thought that kind of thing was funny back then.

Which means this week I’m listening to Dookie.  This is the only album that they put out that I have ever listened to end to end, so it’s a little more fun- remembering songs I used to listen to.  I had forgotten about this one-

This is probably my favorite from that album.  It’s a sad tale of a man who can’t leave an abusive woman, rendered in the best Ramones I wanna be well style.  Pairing a sad story with a happy sounding song is something I’ve done a lot of.  Maybe this is where I got the idea from.


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