Random Thoughts

So, uh, on Ferguson, did anyone think things would go any different?  The grand jury seemed like nothing more than an ass-covering exercise than anything else.  Or worse.  Who knows.  I just know I didn’t really think it would end any differently than it did.

I don’t have any particular thoughts on police.  I don’t know how they should do their job and I don’t know how the police system should be organized, or how it could be reformed.  I don’t have strong thoughts on the security state, whether or not drones flying over are a bad thing, or cameras.  If things were presented as- you can have 98% less crime and police brutality but no privacy ever, would I make that choice?  Who knows.  It’s never really presented that way.

At any rate what I saw happen in Ferguson wasn’t right, and I don’t know how that can be swept under the rug, though maybe it will be.

This new Ty Segall album is amazing.  I’ve been listening to it for weeks

It’s got pretty much everything I like- 70’s glam, dual guitar leads, falsetto singers.  So awesome.

One thing I wonder about sometimes is how people think the people running a business will always make a choice based on money, no matter what.  I don’t buy this, because it seems like business people would make the occasional choice based on weird personal reasons.  Because people are weird.

Taking children to a fun center is, to borrow from Tolkien, a quest (that) stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little and it will fail.  It never makes sense to me how a child can go to this place that’s supposed to be a ton of fun, but lose their mind when some little thing goes wrong.  Like a machine eats one coin out of like the 50 in their pocket and they FREAK OUT.  Or they didn’t get to exchange their tickets for the exact toy they wanted so their day is ruined.  Some things about kids I will never understand.



  1. I figure I didn’t — don’t, won’t — know enough about what happened in Ferguson to make a judgment call. I’m big on evidence, short on guilt by press coverage.

    Kids ARE weird, but weirder these days since parents have largely given up parenting in favor of being buddies with their kids.

    People SAY that business decisions are about profit, but I think you are right. There are all kinds of hidden agendas, weird personal stuff. I mean, hell, look at the suicidal direction Microsoft is on? That can’t be based on profit because they are losing customers faster than you can say “Hey wait a minute.” Someone at the top had this idea and even though it is driving business away, they are sticking with it. Go figure.

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