Well I’m glad that’s over!

No I’m not.  The end of the holidays is always sad.  Once the eggnogg and the tree get put away it’s nothing but cold, boring winter.  I know, I shouldn’t complain, I live in San Diego and we don’t have a real winter, but still, the sun sets at like 4 o’clock and that’s reason enough to feel a little bummed.


Some people don’t do resolutions because they know they’ll abandon them.  I know the feeling.  This is why I never promise to stop drinking when I have one of those “please God, let me live” moments.

But sometimes I actually do manage to keep my resolutions.  A couple years I managed to lose weight. That was probably because losing weight is a normal thing after eating like crazy during the holidays. Other years I actually did get in shape to do hikes I planned.

This year I have a couple. One is a holdover from last year, I’ll leave it to your imagination which one it is.

1.  Visit a dentist

2. Learn to surf

3.  Get in shape to do a hike



  1. About that visit to a dentist … If that’s your holdover, you really should, uh, you know, uh … see one. Before something ugly happens. My husband didn’t go for 15 years. The results were as one might expect.

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