Random Thoughts

I’ve been doing a lot of writing at work, so lately it’s hard to get excited to write stuff.


I know lots of people hate Creed, and I’m not going to try to convince anyone not to, because I only heard them a few times and thought they were bad enough that my mind blocked their music forever, and I couldn’t even tell you what their songs are.  You could play Nickelback and I’d be like “oh, OK.”  I actually don’t know Nickelback’s songs either.  I do recognize the Foo Fighters.

At any rate, singer Scott Stapp seems to be on a very bad path either on account of addiction or mental illness and that’s not funny.  I hope he gets better.  In general, it’s fucked up to laugh at the misery of people who make music you don’t like.  Seriously, it’s just music.  The only artists that deserve condemnation for their art are propagandists.  Leni Riefenstahl, for instance.  Or really racist ones.  But there’s no reason to hate someone for putting out cheesy music.  I would say that even if I weren’t someone who makes cheesy music.

I haven’t heard anything from Kesha lately and since she’s fighting with Dr Luke, a guy who is behind a ridiculous number of pop hits, maybe we won’t again.  This makes me very sad, because Kesha is my favorite pop singer.  And there’s no one to replace her yet.  I am bummed about this.

This song is so good and the video is great.  Super lo-fi.

I love how Kendrick just wanders into the shot like a lurker and starts rapping- you wanna see a dead body?  Where does that voice come from?  He’s amazing


Beyonce and the meaning of not wearing pants

I was kind of laughing about this:

Beyonce’s feminist VMA message prompts some eye rolls

What does it really mean to be a feminist in Hollywood these days?

Others chimed in with opinions such as “an excellent night for women not wearing pants,”

(my emphasis)

OK, so Beyonce did a pretty epic performance at the VMA’s- 15 minutes, most of her album.  And she did so without pants and flashed FEMINIST across the screen at one point.

I didn’t really see a problem.  Feminism includes the idea that women should be allowed to wear what they want and not get judged on it.  But then I remembered this Kathleen Hanna interview from a while back:

CNN: What do you make of singers like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Ke$ha who are seemingly touching on themes of gay empowerment in their music, but for some reason it doesn’t quite resonate?

Hanna: I mean, is it really that different when it’s a skinny white woman in a bathing suit singing these things? None of these women ever wear pants, first of all. Second of all, just because you’re wearing a goofy hat doesn’t make it performance art.

(again, my emphasis)


I don’t know.  I think this pants thing is silly, and Kathleen Hanna came off as an angry old person in that interview.

On the subject of pants, I will firmly state that I do not consider pants (or lack thereof) to be a reason to discriminate against someone or not listen to their opinion.  Provided they wear something that covers their genitals.

Some awesome people not wearing pants:

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Wait, who was that last one?  Kathleen Hanna.  With no pants on.  In her defense, I’m sure I can find photos of her wearing pants back then.

For the record, I have never appeared at a show in anything that looked like underwear or a swimsuit, and the world is probably a better place for it.  But I don’t want to rule it out either.  Keeping my options open.  Just in case.

Pop Stuff

Man I am swamped with life right now and rarely get a chance on the computer.  There’s been all kinds of stuff going on and I’ve had ideas but I rarely have a moment to think.

Ke$ha checks out of rehab and leaves dollar sign behind


Kesha is about the only major pop star in recent years that I’ll unashamedly admit to being a fan of.  She’s the only one whose songs I am eagerly waiting to hear, and whose career I actually follow.  Apparently she was in rehab for an eating disorder, which is a big bummer.  She blames her producer for calling her fat, which, if true, then fuck that guy.  I hope Kesha is doing better.

Here’s her singing an old Stones song

Gaga, on the other hand, is getting barfed on

Here’s Lady Gaga Getting Repeatedly Puked On in the Name of Art


In a stunt that was debatably art and definitely pop, someone threw up all over Lady Gaga during her set at SXSW Thursday night.

Fortunately (disappointingly?) the gag was all part of the act, a performance by London-based “vomit painter” and friend of Gaga Millie Brown.

Brown, 27, has been described as the Jackson Pollock of puke. She drinks colored soy milk and barfs it up on canvases (or, in some cases, human beings). Brown previously appeared in Gaga’s music video for “Exorcist Interlude.”

The Jackson Pollock of puke.

Actually, that’s not all that hard to imagine. Pretty much anyone can make puke look like a Pollack.  I want to see someone puke out a Rembrandt.  Or better yet, a Calder.

One of these days I’m going to write down my thoughts on the infamous (and awful) GG Allin, but to keep it short, I never thought that any part of that dude’s schtick would ever be adopted by someone both successful and talented.

Don’t Google GG, you’ll be bummed.